Why Does BBC Breakfast’s Victoria Fritz Have No Wedding Ring On? Viewers Wonder If The Gardener Has Had A Rough Patch


Victoria Fritz is a brilliant BBC News anchor that delivers you breaking news and the newest headlines: During her news shows, she frequently loses her wedding band.

Victoria Fritz

Victoria Fritz

Victoria Fritz is a well-known journalist who is currently employed as the News Anchor at BBC News. For the past few years, she has hosted the BBC’s morning global news shows on BBC One, BBC News, and BBC World News.

Fritz began her career at the BBC News as a senior broadcast journalist in 2008, where she served as the TV Journalist for BBC One and covered business and economics news. In 2015, however, she was elevated to BBC News Presenter and Business Correspondent. Victoria has worked as a correspondent for the BBC’s national television and radio bulletins.

Why Does BBC Breakfast’s Victoria Fritz Have No Wedding Ring On?

Victoria Fritz has amassed a sizable fan base in the public eye over the years as a result of her amazing news anchoring skills. Meanwhile, many admirers have noticed that she frequently forgets to wear her wedding ring on stage during her many appearances.

Furthermore, if she is still married to her husband at this time. She is, nevertheless, a happily married woman who has been married to her darling husband, Dan Fritz, for many years.

It’s still a mystery why she doesn’t have a wedding band because she’s never explained why. People think, on the other hand, that she is so preoccupied with her schedule that she will forget to have it at some point.

Victoria Fritz Husband Dan Fritz & Wedding Photos

Victoria Fritz is a fantastic host and anchor who has presented a slew of noteworthy news to her millions of viewers over the years. She is dedicated to her work, having given birth to her darling son in 2016 after listening to the BBC breakfast news.

Victoria Fritz is also the proud mother of two adorable children from her marriage to Dan Fritz. Her second child was born in 2020, according to her social media posts. She, on the other hand, rarely posts about her family on social media.

Meanwhile, a lot of people have been looking for her wedding images on the internet. Victoria Fritz prefers to keep her personal life private, as evidenced by the fact that she has not yet posted her wedding images on the internet.

Victoria Fritz Social Gardener: Loves Planting Green Trees And Flowers

Victoria Fritz is 37 years old as of today, having been born on May 14, 1984, in England, United Kingdom. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Law and Economics from the University of Cambridge. She also graduated from Judge Business School with a master’s degree in business administration in 2007.

Victoria Fritz describes herself on Instagram as a “social gardener,” since she enjoys planting green trees and followers in her surroundings.


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