People are curious about Chris Watt’s girlfriend Nichol Kessinger’s whereabouts in 2022. Here’s the latest on Kessinger and her current situation.

Nichol Kessinger

Nichol Kessinger

The terrible story of Chris Watts and his family was depicted in American Murder: The Family Next Door. It began in 2018, when his wife and daughter went missing from their own house.

Shannan, who had recently returned from a business trip, had vanished along with Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3. Until Chris was convicted guilty of all three killings, people sympathized with him.

He had an affair with Nichol Kessinger, it was later revealed. His friendship with Kessinger is depicted in the film.

His desire to start a new life with his fiancée prompted him to commit the heinous act of murdering his own daughter and wife.

Where Is Chris Watts Girlfriend Nichol Kessinger Now?

Nichol Kessinger, Chris Watts’ girlfriend, is attempting to start a new life, according to Dailymail. Kessinger, a 30-year-old Colorado native, is said to have left her house.

Since Watts’ imprisonment for murdering his wife and two daughters, she has assumed a new persona. After starting a new job, Kessinger has been keeping a low profile. After disclosing her affair with Watts, she has stayed out of the spotlight.

When Kessinger and Watt were both working for an oil business, they first met. Chris initially stated that he would leave his wife to be with her.

Watts later admitted to killing his family in order to be with her. Authorities had no reason to believe Nichol was aware of his scheme.

Has Nichol Kessinger Changed Her Name? Rumors Explained

Nichol Kessinger has assumed a new identity, including a new name, in order to begin a new chapter in her life. She applied to alter her name in Jefferson County, Colorado, according to DailyMail in 2020.

Since the murder, she has been out of the public eye for the past two years. Watts informed his pen friend that Kessinger had been writing to him from behind bars under a different name.

Kessinger stated that she wanted to alter her name because she felt it was difficult for her to go public with her current identity.

He claims she wrote to him under her new name while incarcerated at the Dodge Correctional Institution in Wisconsin.

He further stated that after authorities found out, he was penalized because he was not permitted to have any contact with her.

Inside Nichol Kessinger Family

Nichol Kessinger’s family has stayed out of the spotlight. They haven’t been reported in the media.

She is currently resuming her life in a new location, with a new job and a new identity.


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