WATCH: Angela Rayner’s Video of Her Crossing Legs Goes Viral On Social Media: An report claiming a female MP sought to distract the Prime Minister by uncrossing and crossing her legs in front of him sparked uproar in the United Kingdom parliament. Despite the fact that these assertions are completely absurd, they have caused a stir in both the parliament and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the article’s editor has been called to parliament for making the absurd claim that a female MP crossed her legs. This issue is eliciting a variety of responses from the general people and spreading like wildfire. We’ve covered a lot of ground on this subject so far. So, if you’re bored of this column, take a peek at the sections below.

Angela Rayner

Angela Rayner

Angela Rayner Crossing Legs Video

According to reports, Mail On Sunday published the absurd piece, which has sparked a heated debate about sexism in the parliament. Meanwhile, the speaker summoned the editor of the article alleging that a female MP named Angela Rayner crossed her legs on purpose to distract Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Angela, a female MP, was, nevertheless, wearing a tight dress in the parliament at the time. Please see the next section for more information on this subject.

The video of Angela Rayner crossing her legs has gone viral on Twitter

Conservative MPs speculated that Angela was attempting to distract Boris Johnson and throw him off his stride in parliament, akin to the iconic scene from the film Basic Instinct. The blame, according to a representative for female MP Rayner, is totally false. Angela Rayner, on the other hand, said that any attempt to intimidate or harass me would be futile. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, however, tried to preserve his distance from MPs by anonymously denouncing the misogyny thrown towards Rayner. Please see the next section for a more detailed explanation of this situation.

Lindsay Hoyle, the Speaker of the House of Commons, has summoned the editor of the Mail on Sunday to a meeting. “Media freedom is one of the pillars of democracy,” Sir Lindsay stated. “Last week, in reaction to an article, I said to the house that I took the topic of media freedom extremely seriously.” Many stories about this topic are being generated on the internet. As soon as the editor returns from the parliament meeting, you will receive further information. For further information, keep an eye on this page.


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