Amber Rae Mcelravy Video
Amber Rae Mcelravy Video leaked

Amber Rae McElravy is a piece of Shit, she beat her child with a belt and threw him across the room. All she got was child endangerment..definitely should’ve been attempted murder. There need to be some new laws. She should not be able to have any more children.

A 27-year-old woman faces child assault charges at the Trumbull County Jail.

Video circulating on social media showing a child being abused also alerted authorities that something was wrong.

Tim Schaffner of Trumbull County Children’s Services said: “I was aware of Facebook and the rumors on Facebook and I believe the sheriff’s department and we were aware of it through Facebook and we responded and assured the child safety.”

WKBN contacted the police immediately after receiving the video.

The victim is now at the Trumbull County Children’s Services Urgent Care Facility. McElravy’s own children live with relatives.

People React to Amber Rae’s Video.In a tweet aperson wrote:

 “Amber Rae McElravy should be charged with attempted murder of a toddler. What a worthless piece of f**king sh!t. I have no empathy for anyone like that. So fucking disgusting. Don’t watch the video.”

After Amber Rae’s video emerged on social media, people began criticizing her, and many demanded that she should be charged with an attempt at murder.


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