Because of his death and the loss of his family, Kevin Ratliff, a bartender from Ohio, is the center of attention these days. The man worked at Mercy Tender in Ohio as an assistant manager. His death was announced online, and many people have sent their condolences to his family. What happened to the person who died? His family, on the other hand, has kept the cause of his death hidden from the public eye. They have, however, set aside money to cover his burial. To now, 3000 dollars have been collected, but his family has set a goal of 8000 dollars. Many people have looked over his social media analytics and accounts to figure out what happened to the young man. Although his family has never spoken publicly about his age, life, or relationships, one of his social media profiles has provided some information.

Kevin Ratliff

Kevin Ratliff

Kevin Ratliff’s Cause of Death

Emerald Dawn Grushon is either his wife or girlfriend, according to his Facebook profile. According to his bio, they had been dating since September 24, 2021. Although nothing is known about his family, his brother’s names are known, and it is stated that he was created by his brother. His parents’ identities and background have yet to be revealed. The young man was attended to by his brothers, Corey Ratliff, and Gabrielle Oster, his cousin. Kevin has a Facebook account that he used to communicate with his fans and friends.

Kevin Ratliff: Biography and Wikipedia

Apart from working at Tender Mercy, he was also a graphic designer, but his educational background has yet to be uncovered. After four years as a designer, the Youngman joined the Tender Mercy as an assistant manager in January 2020. People were intrigued about his age after his death was disclosed, because he appeared young in his photos and his age was not mentioned on Facebook.

Funeral and Obituary for Kevin Ratliff

People were also intrigued about Kevin’s cause of death, as his family had kept it a secret. People paid respect to the young man and offered their heartwarming comments with his family despite not knowing how or what happened. People sent condolences because the family had lost one of their children, and the man was known to be a wonderful person. Many individuals who knew him were shocked when they learned of his passing on Instagram.


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