Richard Cowie, popularly known as Grime Star Willie, was scheduled to appear in court for burglary and assault charges. Willie is a London rapper accused of breaking into a flat in East London as well as other crimes. Because he failed to appear in court, an arrest warrant was issued for the rapper. He is also known as the criminal Godfather. Willi has been involved in numerous issues, most recently for breaking laws. The rapper is accused of breaking into a Forest Gate flat and assaulting Ali Jacko. According to ex-kickboxer Ali Jacko, he also damaged Ali’s belongings. The incident happened on August 28th in East London. He was expected to report to the Crown Court in Snaresbrook, but he didn’t.

Wiley Grimev

Wiley Grimev

Wiley Grimev: Who Is He?

As a result, a warrant was issued for his arrest, and Newham police posted on Twitter asking for help and urging people to phone 911 if they saw him. The rapper’s information and photos were also included in the article. Previously, the rapper had made a number of comments that offended religious people. He made several statements, many of which were directed at Jews. He also wrote and referred the Jews as cowards. He was accused and charged as a result of the controversy. People began mocking him for his remark, and some even tagged the government, requesting that his social media profiles be banned. His Facebook profile and Instagram were both taken down because of the harsh remarks, with many alluding to religious feelings.

Wiley Grimev: What Happened To Him?

In 2020, he was also permanently suspended from Twitter. On September 6, 2021, the rapper was arrested on charges of burglary and assault. He stormed into Ali Jacko’s house and not only destroyed his belongings, but he also bet him until he was injured. He was later detained and was ordered to appear in court. However, because he failed to appear, the police issued an arrest order for him on November 11, 2021. He evaded capture for six months after the warrant was issued. As a result, the police issued a social media appeal, encouraging citizens to report him if they saw him anywhere.

Is Grime Star Wiley Grimev Alive Or Dead?

During the Jewish issue, a committee against antisemitism was formed to investigate the rapper. Willi apologized since he didn’t want to offend religious emotions, but he later did the same thing, for which Twitter suspended him. According to the committee, he was going to face a private prosecution, but no details have been released. There is no accurate information on whether he is alive or dead.


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