According to a recent report, shocking news is coming out about Wiki, Casey, and Vicky White. It has been said that they are not related by blood, but they have been together for a long time. On May 1, 2022, the United States posted a poster of KC White and said that whoever found Kathy Cole White’s killer would get $10,000. She vanished from the county jail. Reports said that she would be taken away from the capital charge on Saturday, April 30, 2022, and that it would be announced on Facebook. However, the prisoners have already escaped and are no longer in the country.

Vicky White

Vicky White

Vicky White Cause of Death

The police say that Casey and Vicky White were not in any kind of relationship together. But according to the truth investigation, they were found in an Evansville hotel, and the police also saw a car crash. After this, Viki was found, and he was also seen with a gun. However, according to the investigation, she shot herself when she was taken to the hospital, which was a very sad and scary situation. Casey has been arrested because she killed 59-year-old Connie Jane Ridgeway, who was from Rogersville.

Vicky White: Wikipedia & Biography

But according to the information, investigators have said that it was a rental murder and that they are not to blame. On April 29, Casey was also late for Wiki, who was the director of corrections at the Lauderdale county jail. All of the authorities had told Wiki that she was going to be there for court and for a mental health evaluation, but she was wrong and she was lying to the authorities because there was no such appointment.

Funeral and Death Notice for Vicky White

But after looking into the whole case, police also found a car that was full of gas and parked in a lot near the center of the local shopping complex. The car was caught on video, and police can see that it was parked at a traffic light from the parking lot. An arrest warrant has been issued for Vikii, and she has also been charged with identity theft on the second degree.


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