A TikToker that goes by the username ‘just_amethyst7’ has gone viral for disabling a machine at her work that informs her of incoming mobile orders.

In a video uploaded to the platform earlier this month by just_amethyst7, she can be seen working at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Massachusetts, before suddenly turning off the device that notifies her of mobile orders.

“When you shut the on-the-go machine off [because] you are busy enough as is without them stupid a** mobile orders coming in,” the worker says in her video before flipping off the camera.


like shut that damn machine tf up, come get your drinks like a normal person #dunkin #dunkinworker #fyp

♬ if that makes me a villain – sara

The video features the popular “if that makes me a villain” sound from the HBO hit series Euphoria.

TikTok reacts to the viral clip

The video currently has just over 50,000 views and has sparked a massive debate among the TikTok community, causing an overflow of responses.

“[My] manager got rid of our tablets [because] I kept turning them off when I was busy during the overnight shift (by myself btw),”

one user said, siding with the worker.

“They can go to a different store, I’m sorry,” another user said.

While most were supportive of just_amethyst7’s decision, some had a different opinion.


i just don’t have the patience. #fyp

♬ original sound – @sheeshh.moe

“[No] because I’m still coming and ordering the same thing at the speaker,” another person stated.

According to one of the account’s followers, she may have not actually turned off the machine at alle, after the commenter pointed out that she seemingly turned down the volume, not turning the machine fully off.

According to a report published by Business Insider, 8% of Dunkin’s transactions in 2020 were from mobile orders, accounting for a big chunk of the company’s revenue – considering the company is worth over 10 billion dollars.


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